ZIPEAK Zipline for Kids and Adult

ZIPEAK Zipline for Kids and Adult

ZIPEAK Zipline for Kids and Adult

Get This Amazing Zip Line Now And Offer The Most Amazing Riding Experience To Your Little Ones- For Happy Kids & Daring Parents!

Ultimate Safety For Your Children!

We understand that as a young parent you are always worried when your kid indulges himself/ herself into adventurous activities- however, this zip line is going to save your peace of mind!

Here’s What You Get:

  • Steel trolley with pulleys
  • Helmet
  • Locking Carabiner * 3
  • Lanyard
  • Gloves
  • 5/16″ 7 foot sling cable
  • Wooden Seat
  • Harness
  • 5.9ft stainless steel spring brake
  • 2 Tree protectors
  • 13mm-16mm wrench
  • 16mm socket wrench
  • 13mm socket wrench
  • 1/2″ ratchet wrench handle
  • U clamps * 4
  • Turnbuckle
  • Ratchet strap
  • Hoop

Perfect Gift Idea

Is your nephew’s birthday party coming up and you want to buy an intimate present he/she will remember for a lifetime? Get this amazing zip slide as a gift now and offer an adventurous canopy ride that will amaze your beloved ones!

Get It Now With Confidence!

Use our zipline kit to fly through the air with the greatest of ease! Come with All the Zipline Accessories (Except Main Cable): The distance between trees in each yard is different, please measure the length and buy main cable according to the actual situation, we have 5/16″ main cable in our store, can easily hold up to 350lb, you can find it in the below! Our zipline kit comes with a 5/16″ 7 foot sling cable, it was used to wrap around the start tree, and the main cable should cover the distance between the two trees and the end tree’s circumference.


Our zipline kits for backyard come with Adjustable Zipline Harness + Wooden Seat + Helmet + 5.9ft Stainless Steel Spring Brake, and all of this has been tested to meet strict CE and RoHS quality and safety certifications, so you can rest assured that your children will be 100% protected! Safety Is Our Top Priority! Now you can spend many hours playing outdoor without having a single care in this world- as your child will be safe & happy!


Installing the zipline kit has always been one of the most difficult issues for parents! Take all the fuss out of installing your backyard zip line for your kids with the ZIPEAK all-inclusive zip line tensioning kit, which includes everything you need! Use the Ratchet Strap and the Wrench Tools, an adult can INSTALL IT WITHIN MINUTES! SAVE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME & EFFORT! And NEVER worry about the cable sag!


Our Backyard Zipline kit comes with 2 tree protectors. Not like other ziplines use the simple PVC tube, our 2 high-quality nylon webbing tree protectors will protect all your start and end trees, really allows you to enjoy the nature without causing harm! And with the adjustable straps of the helmet, the high-quality wood seat with a smooth finish, attached to a strong braided polyester rope, offer the best riding experience while fully ensuring safety!


Our zipline kit has a 10-year limited warranty, enjoy happy family moments for years to come! We are willing to accompany your children to grow up, hope your beautiful family enjoys endless adventures with our zip line kit! BUT BE CAREFUL!!! You all will be flying high soon after you open this fabulous gift!