Xena (XX6-SS Disc-Lock Alarm for Motorcycle Stainless Steel)

Xena (XX6-SS Disc-Lock Alarm for Motorcycle, Stainless Steel)

Xena (XX6-SS Disc-Lock Alarm for Motorcycle, Stainless Steel)

Motorcycle security is a top concern for riders around the world. With the Xena (XX6-SS Disc-Lock Alarm for Motorcycle, Stainless Steel), you can have peace of mind knowing that your bike is protected by a high-quality and innovative product. This article will explore the features, benefits, and frequently asked questions about this exceptional motorcycle security device.


1. Stainless Steel Construction

The Xena (XX6-SS Disc-Lock Alarm) is made from durable stainless steel, ensuring its longevity and resistance to corrosion. This robust construction provides a reliable defense against theft attempts.

2. Disc-Lock Design

The disc-lock design of this alarm ensures that it securely attaches to your motorcycle’s brake disc, preventing any unauthorized movement. Its compact size and lightweight nature make it easy to carry and use.

3. Alarm System

The built-in alarm system is activated when the lock detects any tampering or movement. With a loud 120dB siren, it immediately alerts you and deters potential thieves. The alarm system is powered by long-lasting batteries, ensuring continuous protection.


1. Enhanced Security

The Xena (XX6-SS Disc-Lock Alarm) provides an additional layer of security for your motorcycle. Its robust construction and alarm system act as a deterrent, making it harder for thieves to target your bike.

2. Easy to Use

This disc-lock alarm is designed for user convenience. Its simple installation process and user-friendly interface make it accessible to all riders. With just a few steps, you can secure your motorcycle and activate the alarm system.

3. Portability

The compact and lightweight design of the Xena (XX6-SS Disc-Lock Alarm) allows for easy portability. You can carry it with you wherever you go, ensuring your motorcycle’s security even when you’re away from home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How loud is the alarm?

The alarm produces a loud 120dB siren, which is highly effective in alerting you and deterring potential thieves.

2. Can the alarm be easily disabled?

No, the Xena (XX6-SS Disc-Lock Alarm) is designed to be tamper-proof. It has advanced security features that make it difficult for thieves to disable the alarm system.

3. Is the lock compatible with all motorcycles?

Yes, the Xena (XX6-SS Disc-Lock Alarm) is designed to be compatible with most motorcycles. It comes with multiple adapter sizes to ensure a secure fit on various brake discs.


The Xena (XX6-SS Disc-Lock Alarm for Motorcycle, Stainless Steel) is a must-have product for any motorcycle owner concerned about security. Its stainless steel construction, disc-lock design, and powerful alarm system provide enhanced protection against theft. With its ease of use and portability, this product offers convenience without compromising on security. Invest in the Xena (XX6-SS Disc-Lock Alarm) and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your motorcycle is well-protected.