Sterling MB22BK US Aluminium Mailbox – Black Large

Sterling MB22BK US Aluminium Mailbox – Black, Large

Sterling MB22BK US Aluminium Mailbox – Black, Large

Product Description:

This superb high quality aluminium US mailbox is manufactured by Sterling and is designed to last. It comes fully built with the a red flag showing when mail is ready to be collected.

It is manufactured in a lightweight durable powder coated aluminium and comes with a 2 year guarantee.

Sterling products are equal to the best in the market and are backed with guarantees of up to 10 years. Sterling is a brand of Burg-Wachter one of the largest manufactures of security products in the world.

Burg-Wachter has a proud heritage of over 120 years and are recognised for quality standards across our extensive range of locks, padlocks, safes, post boxes and access control solutions.

Box Contains

  • 1 x mailbox
  • Weather resistant and rust resistant
  • Large Drop down door for easy emptying
  • Snap lock and red flag signifying post
  • Ideal for coastal and harsh environments
  • Stand available – Sterling G2 range US steel stand

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the mailbox weatherproof?
  2. Yes, the mailbox is weather resistant and rust resistant, making it ideal for coastal and harsh environments.

  3. Does the mailbox come with a stand?
  4. No, the stand is not included. However, the Sterling G2 range US steel stand is available for purchase separately.


The Sterling MB22BK US Aluminium Mailbox is a high quality and durable mailbox that is designed to withstand various weather conditions. With its lightweight powder coated aluminium construction and red flag indicator, it is both functional and stylish. Backed by a 2 year guarantee and the reputation of Sterling and Burg-Wachter, this mailbox is a reliable choice for any home or business.