Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Robot With Companion App

Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Robot With Companion App

Welcome to the First Order

Introducing the First Order Stormtrooper Robot with Companion App. This cutting-edge product combines advanced technology with the iconic Star Wars universe to bring you an immersive and interactive experience like never before.

Companion App with Augmented Reality

Protect the First Order and fight against the Resistance right in your own room with the Companion App. With augmented reality technology, you can issue direct verbal orders and launch attacks via the app interface. Immerse yourself in first and third person views for a truly interactive gameplay experience.

Voice Command

Take control of your First Order Stormtrooper Robot with voice commands. Issue orders directly to the robot and watch as it carries out your bidding. Feel the power of commanding your own Stormtrooper army.

Facial Recognition

Customize your interactions with the First Order Stormtrooper Robot using facial recognition technology. Create a database of up to three faces and watch as the robot responds to each individual. This feature adds a personal touch to your experience and makes it truly unique.

Sentry Patrolling

Set your First Order Stormtrooper Robot to patrol a designated area of your home. Watch as it moves around, keeping a watchful eye on its surroundings. Feel safe and secure knowing that the First Order is always on guard.

Secure Wifi Connectivity

The Companion App connects to the First Order Stormtrooper Robot via secure wifi connectivity. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, you can control your robot from your smartphone or tablet. Stay connected and in control at all times.

Device Compatibility

The Companion App is compatible with Apple iOS 11 and up, including iPhone 6s and newer models, iPad Air 2 and newer models, and iPad Mini 4 and newer models. For Android users, the app requires Marshmallow 6.0 and up, with a minimum device memory requirement of 2GB of RAM.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I play with multiple First Order Stormtrooper Robots at the same time?

Yes, you can connect multiple robots to the Companion App and control them simultaneously. Create your own army and dominate the galaxy.

2. How long does the battery last?

The First Order Stormtrooper Robot has a built-in rechargeable battery that provides hours of playtime. The exact duration depends on usage, but on average, the battery can last up to 4 hours on a single charge.

3. Can I use the Companion App without the robot?

Yes, the Companion App offers standalone gameplay options even without the robot. You can still enjoy augmented reality battles and other interactive features on your device.


The Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Robot with Companion App is a must-have for any Star Wars fan. Immerse yourself in the First Order universe, issue commands, and fight against the Resistance. With cutting-edge technology and a range of exciting features, this product brings the Star Wars experience to life like never before.