Solar Lantern Outdoor Lights – Description

Solar Lantern Outdoor Lights – Description

Solar Lantern Outdoor Lights

Illuminate your outdoor space with the Solar Lantern Outdoor Lights. These hanging solar lights are perfect for porches, fences, yards, and more. With their clear glass and metal waterproof design, they provide both functionality and style.


Solar Powered

The Solar Lantern Outdoor Lights feature long-lasting LED lights that are rechargeable by built-in crystalline solar panels. After charging for 6-8 hours, they can illuminate for 8-10 hours, ensuring a bright and long-lasting light source.

Premium Quality

Constructed with high-quality stainless steel and heavy glass, these outdoor solar lights are built to last. The durable materials and decor casing provide beautiful accent lighting around your home.

Auto On/Off

Equipped with built-in light sensors, these solar lanterns will automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn. This feature ensures convenient and energy-efficient lighting, as the lights only operate when needed.

IP65 Weatherproof

With an IP65 weatherproof rating, these solar lanterns can withstand rain, snow, and other outdoor elements. You can confidently use them all year round, knowing they are designed to withstand any weather conditions.

Easy Installation

Installation is quick and hassle-free. No wiring is required. Simply use the included hook and screws to hang the lanterns or mount them anywhere using the installation brackets. The unique hanging design allows each lantern to function as a portable light.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do the solar lanterns need to charge?

The solar lanterns need to charge for 6-8 hours to provide 8-10 hours of illumination.

2. Can the solar lanterns withstand rain and snow?

Yes, the solar lanterns have an IP65 weatherproof rating, making them suitable for use in various weather conditions, including rain and snow.

3. Do I need to turn the solar lanterns on and off manually?

No, the solar lanterns have built-in light sensors that automatically turn them on at dusk and off at dawn. They provide convenient and energy-efficient lighting without the need for manual operation.


The Solar Lantern Outdoor Lights are the perfect addition to your outdoor space. With their durable construction, automatic on/off feature, and weatherproof design, they offer both functionality and style. Illuminate your porch, fence, yard, or any other outdoor area with these high-quality solar lanterns. Experience the warm and inviting atmosphere they create for your outdoor gatherings or relaxation. Install them easily and enjoy the convenience of energy-efficient lighting. Upgrade your outdoor lighting with the Solar Lantern Outdoor Lights today!