S.O.L Survival Fire Lite Kit & Dry Bag (Pack of 2)

S.O.L Survival Fire Lite Kit & Dry Bag (Pack of 2)

S.O.L Survival Fire Lite Kit & Dry Bag (Pack of 2)

Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for a reliable and versatile survival kit? Look no further than the S.O.L Survival Fire Lite Kit & Dry Bag. This pack of two essential items is designed to keep you prepared and safe during your outdoor adventures.


Fire Lite Kit

The Fire Lite Kit is a compact and lightweight fire-starting tool that is perfect for camping, hiking, and emergency situations. It includes a fire starter, tinder, and a waterproof case. The fire starter is made of durable materials and can produce sparks even in wet conditions. The tinder is specially designed to catch fire quickly and burn for a long time, ensuring you have a reliable source of heat and light.

Dry Bag

The Dry Bag is a waterproof storage bag that keeps your belongings safe and dry. It is made of high-quality materials that are resistant to water, dust, and dirt. The bag has a roll-top closure system that creates a watertight seal, protecting your gear from rain, splashes, and submersion. It is available in different sizes to accommodate your needs and can be easily attached to your backpack or carried separately.



The S.O.L Survival Fire Lite Kit & Dry Bag are designed to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. Whether you are camping in the rain, hiking through muddy trails, or facing an emergency situation, these products will not let you down. The fire starter and tinder are waterproof, ensuring you can start a fire even in wet environments. The Dry Bag keeps your gear dry and protected, giving you peace of mind during your outdoor adventures.


The compact and lightweight design of the Fire Lite Kit and Dry Bag makes them easy to carry and store. The fire starter and tinder fit perfectly in the waterproof case, which can be attached to your backpack or stored in your pocket. The Dry Bag can be rolled up when not in use, taking up minimal space in your backpack. These products are essential tools that do not add unnecessary weight or bulk to your outdoor gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the fire starter be used multiple times?

A: Yes, the fire starter can be used multiple times. It is designed to produce sparks for thousands of strikes, ensuring you have a reliable fire-starting tool for your outdoor adventures.

Q: How long does the tinder burn?

A: The tinder can burn for up to 5 minutes, giving you enough time to start a fire and get it going. It is highly flammable and easy to ignite, making it an excellent choice for emergency situations.

Q: Is the Dry Bag suitable for water sports?

A: Yes, the Dry Bag is suitable for water sports. It is designed to be waterproof and can protect your belongings from splashes, submersion, and even brief periods of immersion. However, it is not recommended for prolonged underwater use.


The S.O.L Survival Fire Lite Kit & Dry Bag is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. With its compact and lightweight design, reliable fire-starting capabilities, and waterproof storage solution, this kit will enhance your outdoor experience and keep you prepared for any situation. Don’t leave home without it!