Open Source Inertia Wheel Balance Bicycle

Open Source Inertia Wheel Balance Bicycle

Open Source Inertia Wheel Balance Bicycle

Are you tired of traditional bicycles that require constant adjustments and balancing? Look no further than the open source inertia wheel balance bicycle. This innovative product utilizes PID balancing technology and Bluetooth remote control to provide a smooth and effortless riding experience.


PID Balancing

The bicycle is equipped with a PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) controller that continuously monitors and adjusts the wheel balance, ensuring a stable and comfortable ride.

Bluetooth Remote Control

With the accompanying mobile app, users can easily control the balance and speed of the bicycle using their smartphone. This adds a new level of convenience and customization to the riding experience.

Open Source Design

The bicycle’s design and software are open source, allowing for customization and modification by the user community. This fosters innovation and collaboration in improving the product.


  • Effortless balancing for a smooth ride
  • Customizable control through Bluetooth app
  • Community-driven improvements and updates


How does the PID balancing work?

The PID controller uses sensors to detect the bicycle’s tilt and automatically adjusts the wheel balance to maintain stability.

Can I modify the software and design?

Absolutely! The open source nature of the bicycle allows for endless possibilities in customization and improvement.


The open source inertia wheel balance bicycle is a game-changer in the world of cycling. With its advanced balancing technology and customizable features, it offers a riding experience like no other. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional bicycles and embrace the future of cycling with this innovative product.