Living Puppets W653 Tamika Hand Puppets

Living Puppets W653 Tamika Hand Puppets

Living Puppets W653 Tamika Hand Puppets

“Tamika is the little sister of Gaston the bat. You have to constantly take care of them as she likes to do a lot of nonsense as soon as she feels unobserved. However, Tamika is a family bat and therefore loves to spend time with her closest friends and relatives. In addition to the bright hair, she has two large, pointed ears with which she can hear almost anything that someone nearby says. During the day, it prefers to hang upside down in the area and only becomes really active as soon as the sun has set.”

The curly worms from the top brand “Living Puppets” are equipped with the proven folding mouth principle. This allows the doll player to be very easy to use, which makes even children can easily bring the dolls to life. The hand puppet can only be played with one arm, which makes the possibility to display a whole story with two dolls at the same time. Thanks to the particularly padded face area, the facial expressions are very variable and many different emotions can be expressed. Hand access suitable for children and adults alike.

Features of Living Puppets W653 Tamika Hand Puppets:

  • Multi-coloured hand puppet
  • Proven folding mouth principle
  • Easy to use for children and adults
  • Allows for storytelling with two dolls
  • Variable facial expressions

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can children easily use the Tamika hand puppet?

Yes, the Tamika hand puppet is designed to be easy to use for both children and adults. The proven folding mouth principle allows for smooth movements and brings the doll to life with minimal effort.

2. Can I use the Tamika hand puppet to tell stories?

Absolutely! The Tamika hand puppet is perfect for storytelling. With its one-arm design, you can easily manipulate the puppet and create a whole story with two dolls at the same time.

3. Are the facial expressions of the Tamika hand puppet versatile?

Yes, thanks to the particularly padded face area, the Tamika hand puppet can express a wide range of emotions. From happiness to surprise, you can bring Tamika to life and make her interactions with other characters more engaging.


The Living Puppets W653 Tamika Hand Puppets are a delightful addition to any puppet collection. With her bright hair and mischievous personality, Tamika is sure to bring endless fun and storytelling opportunities. Whether you’re a child or an adult, you’ll enjoy bringing Tamika to life and creating memorable moments with this multi-coloured hand puppet.