Indy Deluxe Unicycle 16 inch Single Wheel Unicycles

Indy Deluxe Unicycle 16 inch Single Wheel Unicycles

Indy Deluxe Unicycle 16 inch Single Wheel Unicycles

Available in Chrome, Black, Green and Red, this beautiful little 16″ trainer unicycle is fantastic for children and smaller adults. The smaller wheel size makes this model extremely manoeuvrable, but is much slower than similar 20″ models.

Product Description

The Indy 16″ deluxe comes with:

  • Padded seat with grab handle and bumper
  • Quick release seat adjustment
  • Machined non twist seat stem
  • Smooth grip pedals (Don’t scratch shins)
  • 16″x2.125″ Tyre – suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Box Contains

1 x Childs Unicycle.

The Indy 16″ Trainer is an ideal first unicycle for children & smaller adults. It features a contoured ergonomic saddle with grab handle & bumper for a safe comfortable ride. The rounded plastic pedals provide excellent grip and are more forgiving for beginners’ shins. The quick release height adjustment allows for easy customization. The 16″ model fits leg lengths between 54 – 67cm (this measurement is floor to crotch – wearing shoes). It is available in 4 eye-popping color ways, all finished with cool Indy Graphics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the weight limit for this unicycle?
  2. The weight limit for this unicycle is 100kg.

  3. Is it suitable for outdoor use?
  4. Yes, the 16″x2.125″ tire is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  5. Can the seat height be adjusted?
  6. Yes, the seat height can be easily adjusted with the quick release mechanism.


The Indy Deluxe Unicycle 16 inch Single Wheel Unicycles is a perfect choice for children and smaller adults who are looking to learn and master the art of unicycling. With its maneuverability and comfortable design, it provides a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Whether you’re riding indoors or outdoors, this unicycle is built to handle various terrains. Choose from the vibrant color options and show off your style with the cool Indy Graphics. Start your unicycling journey today!