Bodyfit Fitness Bench for Home Gym set

Bodyfit Fitness Bench for Home Gym set

The Bodyfit Fitness Bench is a versatile and durable workout bench designed for home gyms. It offers multi-adjustable positions for a complete body workout, with soft padding for comfort during exercise.

Product Review

The Bodyfit Fitness Bench is made with toughened steel and MIG welding, making it strong and stable for heavy workouts. It offers fully-adjustable positions for different exercises and features anti-skid feet for added safety. With its premium padding and built, this bench is designed for a user-friendly experience.

Customer Comment

“I love the versatility of this bench! It’s perfect for my home gym and allows me to perform a wide range of exercises. The padding is comfortable and the anti-skid feet give me peace of mind during my workouts.”


Yes, the Bodyfit Fitness Bench is designed to provide a full-body workout, including incline/decline exercises, bench press, curls, shoulder press, back rows, tricep extension, and chest flys. The toughened steel and MIG welding ensure its durability and stability, making it a great addition to any home gym.


Overall, the Bodyfit Fitness Bench is a high-quality and versatile workout bench that offers a complete body workout experience. Its sturdy construction, adjustable positions, and premium padding make it a great choice for home gym enthusiasts.